Company profile

      Taiyu Industrial Development Co. Ltd., is Huizhou's leading real estate developers. Since June 2010 establishment, the healthy development of the company to become a business scope covers real estate development, interior and exterior decoration decoration engineering, municipal infrastructure investment, infrastructure investment in the construction of integrated real estate development enterprises.

      Company focused on real estate development, with the national level three development qualifications, with strong financial strength, a highly mature project development and operational capacity and adequate land reserves. Where the company is located in Huizhou Jiangbei Taiyu central city project, with accurate market positioning, excellent product planning and excellent quality, creating a four month Jin Pin 1150 sets of success, become 2015 Jiangbei sales champion.

     Through five years of steady development of Taiyu industry, have a more adequate land reserves and reasonable layout of the development, I believe that the future of Taiyu industry continues to create superior products at the same time, it will usher in a year of harvest.