[the Big Dipper] won last month in Huicheng City Taiyu central single disc pin (January 6th)

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[news] the central city won last month's Huicheng Taiyu single disc pin

Just past December, the Huizhou property market turnover is hot, refresh one month history transaction records. The main city of Huicheng to produce 3373 sets of good auction houses. According to the official website of Huizhou Huimin provides data display, Taiyu city center in a single month net signed 306 sets, beat many hot property, ranked last month Huicheng District single disc sales crown.

On December 5, in the expectation of many property buyers, Taiyu central city building 10 new unit hot addition push, subscription scene is very hot, opened less than 1 hour, sales of housing sales nearly 9%, once again witnessed hot legend! From the first opening so far, only 20 days to sell 550 sets, becoming one of the most popular real estate sales in Huizhou.

Project has been hot once again to start building 2 new unit identification chips, pledged to raise two thousand yuan eligible opened additional 95% off preferential, project sales offices popularity soared. December 19 - 20, 26 - 27 and 1 January 2016 1 - 2 days, project for three consecutive weeks held nonesuch abalone seafood 7:00pm feast to thank, in order to repay owners enthusiastic support for the project and get the praise of many owners, a lot of the old owners successfully participated in the old with the new activity, and get a cash prize.

For the first time since opening in the central city Taiyu less than two months, has strong sales of nearly 700 units! Mainly property buyers unanimously optimistic about the value of the project itself and the future development prospects!

The forthcoming opening of the WAN Huicheng rail brings a large number of property buyers, and near Metro property appreciation potential, has become a well-known consensus. Taiyu city from the central Wan Huicheng rail originating station only 500 meters away, and Jiangbei CBD within 20 million flat city community, the attention of building owners.

Secondly, Taiyu central city is located in the Huizhou's hottest Jiangbei CBD, Huizhou Jiangbei District deputy city center core area, lots of advantages can not be copied, the future is increasingly scarce.

Third, a variety of supporting facilities to improve! Around a large number of schools, at home, that is, to enjoy a one-stop education from kindergarten to junior high school for 12 years. Commercial supporting rich, whether it is their own or the surrounding commercial, are quite adequate. Within 5 minutes, sitting on billions of municipal facilities resources, life more convenient.

In addition, Taiyu central city and Huizhou region's first intelligent community, high-quality high-tech property will be ready to serve you and your family; and after the new regulations on the market scarce n + 1 of the housing Huxing, gift area high is within the region the most beautiful products, to become the first choice for many customers.

When so many are concentrated in the central city of good Taiyu body! Beat many popular real estate, won the December Huicheng area of the crown, it is expected that the!