The central city of legendary fame forward the central city road selling record Taiyu (December 29th)

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The central city of legendary fame forward

-- the central city road selling Taiyu

Hot legend even success

On November 14, 2015, is located in the Jiangbei CBD new plate Taiyu city central first opened, it will attract more than thousands of buyers arrived at the scene, buy your favorite listings, opened 3 hours fresh pin 310 set, received gold 2 billion, in one fell swoop become the focus of attention throughout the city!

On December 5, Taiyu central city building 10 new addition push, opened only 1 hour sales break 100 sets; December 20, Taiyu central city once again launched a new unit again Jin Pin breaking 100 sets, into the city only a month, total sales of over 650 sets, at one stroke to become the most popular real estate property sales in Huizhou! Open continuous hot, is the perfect embodiment of the purchase of the project approval!

Legend of the city set off the property market

October 1, 2015, time duration of national jubilation, Taiyu central city marketing center opening to the outside world, open the day came to consulting project information of customers flocked, the day of the reception customer more than 1000 people. In the seven day National Day holiday, marketing center in every day is full of the buyers to come to the consultation, it serves to show as Jiangbei CBD new project Taiyu central city of unique charm!

October 31, Taiyu central city housing model boast the world open, watching housing model, the customer a batch after batch, there is nothing wrong to launch four Huxing hand praise. After half a month, for the first time the central city Taiyu sale, thousands of buyers eager to grab the real scene, detonated Huizhou property market. Then the opening of two was also sold out, showing its popularity!

Matching mellow life convenience

Community self built class 12 kindergarten, nine year school + Wushi planning public primary school to walk. Project a self built 3000 square standard kindergarten, will introduce well-known education brand, for owners to create exclusive educational resources, no community can park, convenient shuttle more peace of mind. The project on the north side of 300 meters for the new school site, wushi. Wu Shi school has 40 years of school history, covering primary and junior high school, a total of 54 classes, construction will start in September this year, the new premises, is expected to 2016 in the second half of the year put into use. In the project on the west side of the road, is the government planning public elementary school, then, a quality public schools will be built. From kindergarten to primary and secondary schools are at home, 12 years to facilitate the quality of one-stop education resources, to the child the most at ease with.

3 minutes walk of the project have Wushi station bus and stone garden bus station, bus lines 8 for your travel, the bus by five sites can direct access to the city government, convenient and quick.  

Light rail opened unlimited

Taiyu city from the central Wan Huicheng rail originating station only 500 meters away, is worthy of the name of the light rail station property, and the current in the Huizhou region truly belongs to light rail station property is not much.

With Wan Huicheng rail is the completion of construction, future life travel more convenient, the living and investment needs will also be increasing, equal to the subway line in the wealth of today, the value of city Taiyu central will be a bullish, by the nature of the building owners attention, unlimited appreciation.

The heart fortification built with love home

Taiyu industrial real estate development, municipal investment in the construction and engineering foundation construction investment, the company financial strength is abundant, adhering to the "intention of fortification, built with love home" development philosophy, in Huizhou Jiangbei CBD building projects, urban central will be persistent finish on the quality of the research, full to go to build 20 million square meters of CBD residential benchmarks, the pilot of the CBD regional expansion.

Taiyu industry started in the construction engineering, the project quality have higher requirements, the representative of Shenzhen Citizen Center, Huizhou Olympic Stadium, provincial sports venues, NVC headquarters Benchmarking Project.