The first half in the central city Taiyu hot once again push Jin pin 9 (December 5th)

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The first half in the central city Taiyu hot once again push Jin pin 9

On November 14, 2015, Taiyu city central first opened by the city of attention, the opening day attracted more than 1000 property buyers come to the housing, launched more than 400 suites sources quickly by property buyers snapped up, opened only three hours, Jin Pin 2 million, hit this year, Huizhou property projects opened that sold out the myth.

Good products will not let you wait too long! On December 5, and after a lapse of the first opening half a month later, the city Taiyu central hot addition push building 10 new unit are subject to the same buyers Repeng. Despite the cold weather is nowadays a drizzle, but still can not stop the buyers come to purchase enthusiasm, their promising his son to buy the old man, a small business into a middle-aged man, just recently married the young couple and their trip to come only for one purpose, is to be elected to the right house, adding Taiyu central city to become a distinguished owners, in the marketing center has also been sent to clinch a deal the Xibao!

As of 16 PM, the project sales colleagues told Xiao Tai, today launched 10 new products is too hot! Has sold 9, soon to be sold out, once again hit the Huizhou property sales miracle.

The central city Taiyu two days of hot, is recognized by the buyers. At the end of this year, Huicheng Dongguan rail will be opened, and the subway near the property appreciation potential, has become the consensus as everyone knows. Taiyu city from the central Wan Huicheng rail originating station only 500 meters away, and Jiangbei CBD within 20 million flat city community, the attention of building owners.


Third, a variety of supporting facilities quite perfect oh! Around a large number of schools, at home, that is, to enjoy a one-stop education from kindergarten to junior high school for 12 years. Commercial supporting rich, whether it is their own or the surrounding commercial, are quite adequate. Sitting on billions of municipal facilities resources.

In addition, Taiyu central city and Huizhou region's first intelligent community, high-quality high-tech property will be ready to serve you and your family; and after the new regulations on the market scarce n + 1 of the housing Huxing, gift area high is within the region of the most beautiful products.


Project information

Taiyu central city is located in Jin Long Da Dao and Wu Shi Er Lu interchange (Kanazawa logistics park opposite), sitting on the Jiangbei CBD20 million square meters of light rail City, construction projects mainly to art deco style of neoclassical facade, a period consists of 10 buildings 30 storeys high-rise, greening rate reached 30%. Sitting on the doorstep 12 years all education, nearly 1100 square meters of infinity pool and Central Garden Lake to bring you the feeling of double features. The new regulations out of print N+1 perfect apartment layout! Hot buying in the city!

Address: two Huizhou road Jiangbei CBD Jinlong Avenue and Wushi interchange

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