Choose the 7 big reason City Central taiyu! (November 12th)

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Choose the 7 big reason City Central taiyu! (picture shows off the intelligent model room open countdown 2 days)

7 reasons to choose to buy a house here! Taiyu City Central Intelligent Model of the housing and the 2 day countdown

With the "central mother" sixth times the rate cut, the loan interest is the lowest level in history, which means that the cost of buying a house is the lowest in the history. Huizhou consciousness of many property buyers to purchase is a good opportunity, but the choice in which the purchase, has become the hearts of their troubles, a small Thai might as well tell you, the forthcoming opening of Taiyu central city, or are you purchase preferred, for the following reasons:

One reason: we are in a good position.

In Jiangbei CBD; in Huizhou city deputy center within the core; sitting on billions of municipal facilities resources and future development potential is unlimited.

Reason two: we have a convenient transportation.

Initiation of the forthcoming opening of the Dongguan and Huizhou City Rail Station, located in Jiangbei City core road Huizhou Avenue and Jinlong Avenue between, also near the train station, drove half an hour can be arrived in Huizhou airport, sitting on a three-dimensional transportation.

Reason three: we are intelligent community

Through mobiles app can open the community access; the fingerprint can be entering the house, through community safety monitoring system is always concerned about children's safety, patrons can handle a variety of property, and even private custom.

Four reasons: we are out of print N+1 apartment layout

Out of print N+1 pattern of the current market scarce apartment layout, giving the area high in the region is the most beautiful products.

Reason five: we are rich in Education

The project will introduce the international well-known kindergarten, Wushi school has been put into use, will be built a public school, the door can enjoy from kindergarten to junior high school 12 years a station type supporting education.

Reason six: we focus on quality

Because we are a construction project, so there is a higher quality requirements. We are the representative of the Shenzhen Civic Center, Huizhou Olympic Stadium, Provincial Games venues, such as the NVC headquarters.

Reason seven: business matching

With nearly ten thousand square meters of commercial projects, there are around Wushi market. Five minutes have Kaisa square, CTS and other commercial facilities.

SO, this is why we should choose the central city taiyu!!