Dongguan Huicheng rail station officially opened, the first burst of Liancheng value shops

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On the afternoon of March 30, 2016, with the departure of the Dongguan's first trip intercity rail train from Changping Station, buttressed by Qi Ling Shan of the morning breeze, toward the Huizhou West Lake when, marking the WAN Huicheng rail officially opened operations.

So far, Dongguan Changping to small Jinkou Huizhou 53 kilometers, will usher in a day car trains towards night at seven ten "and sent to. Reporters learned from the relevant departments, in fact, is currently open only its first paragraph". Wando Huicheng rail length of 100 kilometers, originates from the Dongguan market town of Kau, stop at the small Jinkou Huizhou, now Daojiao station to Changping East Railway Station, the line has not yet opened. The "early period" refers to is from Changping Station to small Jinkou this station a, via Zhangmutou East, vase, Lek Lin north, Zhongkai, Hui Huan, Long Feng, the West Lake to the East, mountain and other sites.

It is reported that there are 16 pairs of EMU trains running this line, the peak of the peak passenger flow plus 6 pairs, 22 pairs. Every morning 7 when the first train to be issued, and the end of the train will be issued at ten. The frequency of departure is one hour every hour. The current passenger has been able to purchase online, the whole need 35 yuan and took 70 minutes. Future with Wan Huicheng rail across the board after the opening, the design speed will further enhance, while standing with the distance between stations time will more shorter, greatly saving time and cost.

City rail station shops, bursts of infinite value

Taiyu, urban central commercial street on the north side, tight according to Dongguan and Huizhou city rail, city rail planning 1st line, 2nd line intersection, Huizhou rail transportation hub. At present, Wan Huicheng rail have been open to traffic, commercial street distance hub station small Jinkou station only 400m, thanks to the light of the good, then there will sit enjoy hundreds of thousands of crowd flow, for commercial street bring unlimited business opportunities, and the value of shops will also usher unprecedented boom opportunities.

Details: 32-90 square meters of central city Taiyu light rail station Wang Pu, the Yao world sale. 0752-2625555