The first station of the light rail station shop to sell the whole city

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The afternoon of March 30, 2016, Dongguan Huicheng rail "advance" (Changping east station to station Xiaojinkou) officially opened operations. So far, located in Huizhou Jiangbei railway station area of core position of Taiyu, central city will usher in the great convenience of transportation, not only to facilitate the residents travel, more the future value of the property to depict a broad prospect.

To undertake a good plan, the value of the city bullish

It is reported that the Dongguan and Huizhou city rail connection Huizhou Jiangbei railway station area is relying on the government to regional economic strategy layout planning favorable. Currently, JiangBei Railway Station area has been identified as the deputy center of Jiangbei City, to build a transportation hub, trade and logistics and living as the main functions of the administrative office and entertainment and leisure integrated new city. To the railway station as the center, to the surrounding development of business services, the South and the north side of the three ring road linking, highlighting the integrated business center function, the formation of the railway station business zone". Future, Jiangbei railway station area will become a new city card of Huizhou, huge crowd from north of the Changjiang River northward shift will become the trend of the times, then, Taiyu City Central Business Street locations will become gathering myriad popular new commercial centre, more with the rapid development of the area, the land value obtained speed surge.

Leveraging the originating station traffic value, convergence of infinite crowds

Reporter field visits to understand, Taiyu, urban central commercial street on the north side, tight according to Dongguan and Huizhou city rail, city rail planning 1st line, 2nd line intersection, Huizhou rail transportation hub; at present, Wan Huicheng rail have been open to traffic, and the distance of the commercial street hub station small Jinkou station only 400m, thanks to the light of the good here will sit enjoy hundreds of thousands of crowd flow. Taiyu and central city resident more than 1000 households owners, meanwhile, is commercial street perennial hot safe assurance; at the same time, commercial street at Jiangbei central living area, Vanke, Helen Salih, Dewei, de Yu famous developers gathered, large mature communities include 20 million resident consumption flow. "At the time when buying shop is a fancy here will have a very large consumption of people to start, and now the city opened to traffic, the shops do not worry about the money earned." As the central city owner Zhang Taiyu to reporters with emotion.

32-90 square meters of light rail station Wang Pu, has the sale.

At present, as the area of experience type style commercial street, Taiyu, urban central commercial street convergence restaurants, bars, leisure, entertainment and other multiple formats, superior experience type consumption is rare Huizhou consumer fashion, powerful filled the consumption point blank Jiangbei City Deputy Center, upgrade grade commercial area, can share area development has resulted in thousands of popularity, as Jiangbei 24 hours of leisure center. It is understood, the Taiyu, central city style commercial street 32-90 square meters Wangpu, in Dongguan and Huizhou City Rail opened the occasion has been facing market sale. Detailed inquiry: 0752-2625555